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Art Think

Program for Ages 11-18

Unique U, Exploring the Creative Process

An Arts enrichment program for artists age 5-11, UNIQUE U is designed to encourage creative thinking through the exploration of Artistic Technique and Compositional Expression.

Students will experience a variety of methods in Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Collage, Mixed Mediums, Printmaking and more. Historical art movements, cultures, contemporary artists, Children’s literature, and Nature will inspire students as they learn about the ART Elements of SHAPE, SPACE, COLOR, LINE, VALUE, TEXTURE, and FORM. A FUN and relaxed atmosphere will motivate young minds to develop confidence in self-expression, creativity and artistic experimentation.  All materials provided

26 week Design Street Art Education Program with Artist and Professional
Art Educator Angela Newton

Wednesdays 9:30 - 11:00 AM for ages 5-11

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