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Program for ages 5 - 11

Art Think Series:
Exploring the Creative Process

Fostering creative thinking through artistic exploration of the Creative Process (LOOKING, THINKING, and DOING) Design Street’s professional Artist Instructors and Trained Art Educators will teach students how to “think” like an ARTIST through a series of Art projects and Design challenges. Inspiration from Art History, Literature, Science, Nature, and Culture will stimulate ideas and concepts.
ART is the sociological record of Man’s interactions with his environment. Training students to become critical  thinkers through the development of observational skills, conceptual focus, and artistic versatility allows them to become more effective communicators. The Design Street Studio is a fun and relaxed environment conducive to building “Creative Confidence” through art production. Each Design Street Artist Instructor brings their own unique skills and perspective to this program while sharing knowledge and personal experiences from their journey as an ARTIST in a safe and appropriate setting. ALL MATERIALS, SUPPLIES, and EQUIPMENT is furnished by the studio (*EXCEPTION- Photography. Students must bring a digital camera)

Wednesdays 1:00 - 3:00 pm for ages 11 - 18

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