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Autumn 2017 Art Classes & Workshops 

Our educational facility is non-accredited which means that you won’t get high school or college credit for participating but you will have an amazing experience with no worry about grades!! In addition to students wanting to learn new skills, many serious art students are enrolling in our classes for the purpose of adding advanced level work to their portfolio in order to compete for college scholarships.

Spend some time in contemplation and creativity, “looking, thinking, and doing” as we learn what it means to DESIGN. Each session will engage artists in observation and creative problem solving, exploring new techniques, and experimenting with a variety of materials, resulting in art which is intentional as well as expressive. Make sure to dress in comfy clothes that you won’t mind getting some paint on!

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Home School and Early Art Programs (classes meet biweekly)

Our mission is to provide programs and experiences that inspire, encourage, and engage the community creativity and cultural understanding. ART is composed of elements that tell a story or express a feeling and idea.  DESIGN is the way we compose those elements, to tell our story and communicate our ideas.

Our program provides instruction from experienced professionals who will emphasize critical thinking skills - Analysis, Description, and Interpretation. A combination of conceptual problem solving, experimenting with techniques, and application of Design Principles will be utilized in each session.

For ages 10 to 18, click HERE for more about our Home School Schedule and Registration Information

For ages 3 to 9 click HERE for more about our Early Arts Program, Schedule and Registration Information

Art Education Programs (classes meet weekly)

Unique U Arts enrichment program for artists ages 5 - 9 on Wednesdays 9:30 - 11:00 AM
Click HERE for more information on "Unique U"

Art Think Series fostering Creative Thinking for ages 10 - 18 on Wednesdays 1:00 - 3:00 PM
Click HERE for more information on our "Art Think Series"

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