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Donations and Sponsorship

Our goal is to offer programs that are inspiring, informative, and fun, in the most affordable way possible so that all may participate!

Design Street is a 501c3 federal and State tax-exempt, non-profit organization but we still have many costs to cover: we pay our instructors; we pay for insurance and utilities for our space; and we provide much of the equipment and supplies required for our programs. We also like to offer free presentations to local schools and clubs.

Some of this cost is covered by class fees but much is left up to donations and fund raising efforts. We are so blessed to have awesome volunteers who donate time to organize and participate in events to promote Design Street and connect with the community, but we would like to do so much more in addition to educational programming!
You may donate to Design Street by mailing a check to the studio or by credit card through PayPal by clicking on the donate button below. You will be taken to a secure PayPal site and given the opportunity to set your donation amount.

If you choose to donate through PayPal, you will be able to print a tax-deductible donation receipt and will also receive a confirmation email. Thank you for partnering with us to provide high quality art education opportunities! 

If you would like to discuss other options for how you can help support Design Street, please contact

Rachel Hopkins

(269) 651-0884

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