Located in the heart of Plainwell, the former Plainwell Fire Station is a perfect fit for a community Arts Education Center. Adam and Rachel feel their combined experience as professional artists and educators have prepared them to start a charitable and educational Non-Profit organization called DESIGNstreet  As an historical building, which has served the public in multiple ways, the fire station has always been a community landmark. DESIGNstreet plans to carry on this tradition. Our vision is to help our community become known for its creative energy, compelling people to engage in a process of personal expression and cultural awareness. 

COMMUNITY …. Art is the study of history, culture, craftsmanship  and  human thought. The Fire station is an ideal space for DESIGNstreet. The location, size, and inspiring surroundings include the quiet serenity of Hicks Park, beautiful trees, river and homes lining Bridge St. This building is unique from others in our community because it is somewhat removed from the busy pace of main street and yet directly connected to the heart of town.

Why does Plainwell need an Art Education Center?
People need activities that are relaxing, fulfilling, and require minimal financial commitment. Plainwell is ready for something that brings people together, providing a sense of belonging for people of all ages. Creating art and sharing it with others is a universal endeavor predating recorded history. The intention of
DESIGNstreet is not to sell a product but rather instruct people on how to invest in their time and abilities.

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